Chanmars’ Mushroom Compost is not only

environmentally friendly, organic and weed free,

 but it will save you water!

What is in our Mushroom Compost?

Our compost is a slow-releasing, organic plant fertilizer. We use organic materials such as hay, straw and poultry manure, which is steam pasteurized to kill weed and any other harmful agents. The compost is sold in bags as a fertilizer for your garden but is also available by the truckloads for landscaping and golf courses. It can be used as soil amendment for lawns, gardens, and container plants.

Mushroom Compost Benefits

Mushroom Compost enriches the soil and supplies nutrients for the healthy growth of plants. Mushroom compost also increases the water-holding capacity of the soil, which decreases your watering needs. It supports various types of plant growth, from fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers. To get the greatest results when organic gardening with mushroom compost, thoroughly mix it in with the garden soil prior to planting or allow it to sit over winter and apply in spring.

You save water with mushroom compost because it:

    Stores up to 70% of its own weight in water

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Mushroom Compost?

Mushroom Compost is a very versatile product since you can incorporate it into the soil prior to planting, or you can top dress existing plants. Some of the most dramatic results are obtained in annual or perennial beds and vegetable gardens. It is a valuable amendment to be used on almost everything you want to grow.

What About Weeds?

Weeds can be a major problem in most composted materials. Perhaps you've experienced this. As stated earlier, our compost has been completely sterilized and we are extremely cautious to make sure there are no foreign weeds in our products. You won't have to worry about contaminating your flower beds, yard, or vegetable gardens.

Can I use Mushroom Compost in My House Plants?

A thin layer of mushroom compost can be applied on top of potting soil in house plants, but make sure the container has proper drainage. It is not recommended to use Mushroom Compost in flower boxes or other containers that have no drainage.

Our mushroom compost has an odour when you buy it but don't be alarmed. It will rapidly disappear when applied to your flower beds and vegetable gardens. In fact, if it doesn't have an odour when you buy it, it probably won't do the magic.

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