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Spicy Masala

Chanmar's delectable Spicy Masala mushroom preserve is made from a perfect blend of aromatic herbs and spices to create an exotic zingy taste experience! It adds a delightful finishing touch to pasta dishes, beef, chicken, fish, cold meat, baked potato and even 'pap'. Serve it alone or as side dish. In fact you can enjoy it any way you want! Please use responsibly - once you've tasted this product your taste buds won't have "mush-room" for anything else.
Only Freshly Harvested Mushrooms are used in this product

Garlic & Mustard

Chanmar's zesty Garlic and Mustard mushroom preserve culminates in a robust flavour experience that will have you coming back for more! Enjoy it as an entree or condiment, or as a relish to spice up a boring sandwich, or simply toss with cooked pasta – it's divine! Works well with beef, cold meat, chicken, fish and pork. C'mon pop the lid off this jar – if you dare! Please be warned that this product may leave your taste buds "mushrooming" out of control!
Only Freshly Harvested Mushrooms are used in this product

Sweet & Sour

Chanmar's tangy Sweet and Sour mushroom preserve combines all the right flavours to create a tantalizing taste sensation that's lip-smacking good! Enjoy this scrumptious treat as an accompaniment to stirfry, meat, fish and chicken dishes; on the side as a relish or condiment. Serve as an appetizer or you could just eat it straight out of the bottle – but do take care – it has a "mushroom" effect on taste buds which leaves you wanting for more!
Only Freshly Harvested Mushrooms are used in this product



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