About us

According to ged farming industry. After starting in Limpopo's famous Waterberg region, Chanmar, in early 2015, relocated to Gauteng.

'Chanmar' is derived from Marietjie's two daughters, Chantell and Marlize.

The farm mainly grows white button mushrooms (80% of their product offering) as well as some brown mushrooms. Most of these mushrooms are packaged and distributed to chain stores throughout Gauteng and Limpopo whilst a small portion goes directly to the catering market.

Every day she evaluates the rooms' compost and checks that their temperature, moisture levels, air flow and water requirements are in order. It takes dedication and skill to grow quality mushrooms and Marietjie loves it: "It's like a hobby. Although it's long hours, I like the fact that each growth room and its respective compost has its own identity keeping you on your toes and making every harvest a challenge." With regards to her working in the agricultural industry she says: "I believe that whether you're a man or woman, if your heart is in what you do, then you're in the right place."

The Company is driven by a passion for customer service and a quality product and therefore hygiene and disease prevention is of the utmost importance. Due to the very complex and sensitive environment, the farm is therefore not able to accommodate any visitors. Mushroom growing is one of the most unusual stories in agriculture to mushrooms being such a unique vegetable.

Marietjie acknowledges God for her success and feels grateful. When she does have some leisure time she likes spending it in Africa's wilderness.

Recently Chanmar also embarked on a journey whereby mushrooms are preserved into a delicacy to be served as a snack or light refreshment. Available in 4 exciting flavours; Spicy Masala, Mustard and Garlic, Mush Licious and Sjoe-Sjoe - this pickled version has become very popular and currently distributed via 85 outlets within Gauteng and Limpopo.

Chanmar was one of the first producers to introduce non-plastic, biodegradeable packaging that is not only enviromentally friendly but also keep the mushrooms fresh for longer.

To this day Chanmar is still continuing to mushroom (no pun intended!) - JUST WATCH THIS SPACE!

Cell: 073 8241 684 - admin@chanmarmushrooms.co.za